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    I deleted custom domain mapping from my account, as I moved the site to another platform. WP never owned the domain, it was only mapped there. But now when you go to my site it says

    Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found.

    The name severs are pointing in the right place to the new provider, I’ve cleared the cache, etc etc. It’s not working on different phones and computers so it’s not on the computer end. The problem is somewhere on the WP end.



    I forgot to mention that the site in question is



    Hi there,

    The problem is not on our end – we lost all control over your domain the moment you cancelled the mapping upgrade.

    Name server updates can take up to 72 hours to complete, and even then you could still be getting routed to the old location of the domain by your browser, your computer’s DNS cache, or even your router’s cache.

    Based on the DNS updates for your domain is not complete yet, so that’s the most likely reason you’re still seeing the domain being routed to

    If it’s still not working 24 hours from now, contact your domain provider directly, as only they have control over where the name servers are pointed, or else something might not be configured properly at your hosting provider’s end.

    But there’s no possible way we can influence your domain from our end.

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