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    I’d like to use a custom cursor on my blog! I have a few images I could use, but I don’t know which code I should try to use. I’ve done a lot of Googling and nothing has worked so far. Is this possible on WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is:


    Hi there, can you link to a cursor you want to use, or upload it to your media library and let me know the name of it so that I can work with it? I tried setting a basic cursor and it worked fine for me.


    I tested this using a url() value for cursor based on the examples at and I found that the CSS is indeed getting stripped out. I think this is probably because allowing url() inside the cursor property was overlooked, or maybe never added in the first place since no one requested it before this.

    I added a request to see if someone will take a look and maybe make a change to fix it so url()s are allowed in the CSS editor. I’m not sure how long it may take to get to it since it’s not a very common request! Apologies for the trouble. Someone will reply back here with an update as soon as the request I put in gets reviewed.

    In the mean time, would it work to use the built in keywords for changing the cursor? Here is an example I tested that will change the cursor to a crosshair point for links:

    a {
    	cursor: crosshair;

    You can see a list of other cursor possibilities at


    I’m following up to let you know that the developers considered the request but decided not to allow the url() option to change the cursor.

    It’s possible to use the built in CSS values for the cursor property shown at though. Hopefully that will work out for you!

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