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    Hi guys

    I have a questions re changing the size of images on my home page and would really appreciate any help.

    I am using the canard theme and on a desktop the images on my home page appear quite small. Not a problem in a tablet or mobile phone. I just wonder if there is a way of altering the size of the images at all using custom CSS?

    Thanks in advance for any help


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Zara, in Canard, the featured images in posts are created off of your original uploaded images and are cropped and sized by the theme and WordPress software for the space using Media Queries The break points are:

    min-width 1380px
    min-width 1080px
    min-width 960px
    min-width 840px
    min-width: 768px (where the images go to full width)

    Can you explain a bit further what you are wanting things to look like on desktops? Are you wanting the images full width of the content area?

    Canard is trying, above 768px in width, to keep the image height nearly equal to the height of the text (title, metadata and summary) to the right of the image as close to the same height as the image.

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