Custom CSS and WordPress Installation

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    If I install WordPress on my own server space, is there still going to be some kind of thing that tries to get me to pay for the right to use custom CSS?

    Sorry if this question is obvious to some of you, just starting using this thing yesterday.



    This forum is only for blogs hosted here by
    The css customization upgrade is offered only to those with blogs hosted here by is where you should be if you are talking about your own install. The software downloaded from is different from ours here. If you download software from then you have full control over your template and can do as you wish with it.

    The differences between and sevices are posted at the head of this forum in a sticky post titled … wait for it … lol
    “Please read me first”



    No problem. Third party hosting gives you unlimited access and editing capability. Good luck. :)



    I like how I just started here and people are already pricks.



    When you have the wordpress software and are hosted elsewhere, you have full access to the files and can edit them in any way that you want. That doesn’t occur here as this is a shared environment and, if you were to edit them, you would be doing it for everybody and they would be doing the same to you. if you’re hosted elsewhere, it’s just you and your own software and there’s no limit on what you can do.

    Hope this helps,



    If you think that is being “pricks” you have an odd definition. We are all volunteers here and timethief posted a (IMHO) very helpful discussion of what we can help with and what we simply cannot.
    atthe404 went beyond that and answered your question. A little bit of “thank you” may not have been out of order.



    @ thiazzi
    Volunteers answer the questions both on the forum and the forum. And calling people names always points the finger right back at the namecaller. So ask yourself: “Why would anyone want to help someone who insults them?” An attitude adjustment would benefit both you and those trying to help you, regardless of which forum you post into.



    Well, if he doesn’t like us, chances are he won’t bug us again. So…progress.

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