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    I’m new on CSS and I need to fix some problems on my blog.
    1) I changed my background color to black, and now I can’t read my menu, because the words are also black.
    I tried changing to white, but only the blog’s name changed. How do I resolve this?

    2) When I pass my mouse over a post in my home page, I read the name of the post and also what I wrote it.
    I don’t this. I would like to read only the nome of the post. How do I do this?

    3) I created categories and post, how do I only show the posts on my home page?
    I have categories like Bodies or Landscape, that are inside of Photography.
    I would like to show only Photography on my home page. How do I do this?

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is carolinajessula.com.



    You have asked three questions and it is difficult to answer all of them in one message so I will start by answering the first one.

    1) To change the background color, you need to do this:

    Appearance >> Background

    Now scroll to the bottom of the window and look for the item called Background Color. In the box to the right enter: #fff or #ffffff

    There are 6 F’s in the code after the # and this will change it to white.

    Hope this gets you started.



    Thanks, but I guess you didn’t understand me…
    I don’t want my background white, I want I black, just like it is.
    But the problem is, that in black, I can’t read my menu, because the words are also in black. And I can’t chage this (the words).
    How do I change it?


    To change the site title color, you would need to have a Custom Design upgrade. You can try it out before purchasing by going to Appearance > Customize > Custom Design, clicking Try Now, then clicking the CSS menu item.

    Here is an example that will change the site title on the AutoFocus theme to white:

    #site-title a {
    	color: #fff;

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