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    Hi there,

    I would like to remove the white space above and under my cover image on the homepage. Can anyone help me with the css code? And where do I place this css code; in the extra css tab in customizer or also on the page level?

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,

    Hannah El Fassi

    The blog I need help with is elevelmarketing.wordpress.com.


    Hi Hannah,

    Do I understand correctly that you would like to remove these spaces?

    Bear in mind that, without any space, the image will be sticking to both the navigation bar on top and the parallax image below – I wouldn’t really recommend doing that but if you decide so, you can reach us via Live Chat directly from https://wordpress.com/help/contact.

    I also noticed that your custom domain is not set as your primary address. If you’d like to change that, go to My Site>Manage>Domains>Change Primary.


    Thank you!

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