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    G’day from Australia!

    I’m thinking of rebuilding a website of mine using WordPress and I was wondering if it would be possible to create a paid online video portal?

    This page should host several videos, require a username and password to access and I wish to be able to provide unique usernames and passwords to paying customers.

    If the above is possible, what WordPress plan would I have to pay for to access the features necessary for this and what plugins would I need to invest in?



    Hi @gizmotmk, I’m sure there are plugins for that. You would need the Business or eCommerce Plan to host it here, since you would need plugins:

    Our service includes SSL, direct WordPress support, maintenance, security, and many other features that tend to cost extra with other providers. I *want* to say in this case you’d be uploading your video to stream, too, but I’m not completely positive on that; for that I’d check with support for your plugin to see where digital downloads would be uploaded.

    Or, you are welcome to use your own free copy of WordPress with another host, and use community resources or hired contractors as needed.

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