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    I want to create a Website with the following functionality. A secretary would create a new application for a Master Programm. A student, on the other hand, would apply at this Master. The creation of this application must be done from the WordPress dashboard. Is this possible?




    Hi @christosgan, you could probably do this by having someone post the program, and having a form applicants could submit.

    Or you might consider using a plugin that would handle that sort of thing for you — perhaps a Jobs board plugin would work well for this.

    If you want to use a plugin, I’d recommend asking in the forums for self-hosted WordPress installations.

    Most folks in these forums have a free WordPress site hosted here with us, and thus can’t install plugins without upgrading. And since the upgraded sites come with direct support, those users don’t typically hang out here. So you’ll likely find more relevant information if you’ll try the other forum. Hoping this helps!

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