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    I would be interested to know which posts are being viewed from which country – something that doesn’t seem possible at the moment although I can’t see any technical reason why not. The origin of the viewer must be (presumably) derived from the IP address and hence each page ‘hit’ would be receiving this information, so why not allow us to see this breakdown?


    The blog I need help with is


    Thanks for the suggestion bmcanulty. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone suggest that. It’s not something that’s in the planned updates for now, but I will add it to the suggestion list in case it can be added in the future.



    Please can you tell me how I can find my all-time country views in the new stats (since I started my blog in June 2013). I can find my country views by day, week, month and year but not all-time. thanks Andy


    All-time country views is not available in the new stats, you can use for now and I have added your feedback to our suggestion list. Thank you for your question.



    taking away all time country views is real bad – like I said earlier – I don’;t even visit the new junk stats dumbed down page – it is useless – no number of countries visiting count either – Quantcast was great – your stuff is amateur hour to be charitable

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