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    “Mirroring” entire Posts can get a blog suspended – WordPress.COM likes original content not cut and past from somewhere else – seen lots of “mirrored” things suspended.

    If you want to feature information from another blog, use an excerpt or just the first paragraph or your own words about why the whole article should be read with a link to the original article.


    To clarify once again, auxclass, mine is a multi-author blog, all the content save mine is the intellectual property of the respective Authors, and I myself do no mirroring of any content.

    There are two reasons I would respectfully still like to see a ruling from Staff citing a specific TOS provision prohibiting my Authors posting content they wholly own into my blog.

    First, after four years now and multiple Staff reviews of me and my blog, the issue has only now been initially raised as an addendum following raincoaster’s belated comment “Why do I suddenly feel I need a de-lousing?”, followed itself by an obvious misunderstanding, leaving the mirroring issue questionable in my mind from a standpoint both of intent and validity.

    Second, and more importantly it seems to me, such a policy if applied with any consistency at all would prevent any person from republishing any material they previously published on any other blog, including a previous blog, into a new blog. Again, this sounds to me wildly counterintuitive and counter to any business strategy otherwise desiring to build a content base upon which to place paid advertising and into which to attempt to sell paid premium services.

    This obviously doesn’t mean that cannot do whatever they wish with any blog they wish for any stated reason they wish, only that doing so does not yet appear to me to be supported by any logic or any written policy I am so far aware of.

    So, again, I welcome a definitive Staff ruling, ideally rather than arbitrarily applied to my blog based on an existing written policy prohibiting bloggers from republishing their own material into a blog.



    If you want to do so many unusual things you might be better of self-hosting. A lot of what is allowed on WordPress is common sense. A small blog with a little ovelap with others would be OK, but if at some point it started to look like a central advertising hub for people’s services then you could find yourself suspended.

    Also you are responsible for the content that all your authors post. If a particular author broke your rules the blog could be disabled – though I’m sure the’d enable it again if you removed the content and moderated that author in future.



    Thanks for your concern, and it has become obvious now that many things about my blog are being misunderstood, so let me clarify for any needing it.

    I initiated this post above because I was thinking of inviting back my prior Author Angelique who posted about half her time on social media and writing and about half on her horses and equestrian interests, the latter now also an interest of another Author of mine who is also a homeschooler. I wished to clarify the policy macmanx clarified for us above so that I could tell her what I knew, not merely what I imagined or supposed. In four years the only other Author whose postings would be relevant to the policy discussed above was a nationally syndicated real estate writer whose posts were quite germane during the aftermath of the real estate collapse.

    Otherwise all of the rest of my Authors have all been non-commercially all over the map, some with blogs, some not, from young to old, of every political and religious stripe and every profession, from physicians and lawyers to international stage hands and the unemployed.

    They all come together in one conversational “city” where their various perspectives are no longer Balkanized or stovepiped one from another, and in the process what comes to be distilled from their interaction is the common humanity of all of them.

    The TOS is prominently cited as the final arbiter of all content, and when on the rare occasion despite my monitoring I have been advised by Staff of a DMCA complaint lodged against a post it has been immediately removed.

    Again, I was seeking the definitive clarification I was seeking above as much to retroactively apologize to her for my having, merely on the basis of my own vague fears, unnecessarily critiqued and restricted her ability to post previously as I was to determine what I should definitively tell her if she were to accept an invitation to rejoin my blog. If, on the other hand, macmanx had decided differently, if it were the case that neither Angelique nor raincoaster could respectively post about social media strategy and their expertise in it, categorically eliminating such Authors from consideration would present no problem.



    It’s perfectly fine if you have other authors on your blog posting new and original content.

    As already mentioned, duplicating content continuously is no good, and also seriously damages the search engine ranking of the original post and duplicate post.



    Here’s a reference link to Google’s entry on duplicate content. Also note that the Panda update to the algorithm is in effect and it is designed to detect duplicate content.



    As for directly adding raincoaster as an author without her consent, that’s why we switched to an invitation system from the old direct add system. ;)

    And I’m also glad to see the flip side of that equation; an author can also leave a multi-author blog without jumping through hoops as it appears as one of the options under the “Manage Blogs” page. Bravo!



    Thanks again for your definitive input on both of these issues.

    @timethief, et al. While I’m sure some of my Authors have some interest in SEO, none seem to be ruled by it as far as I can tell, and those who join my blog fairly obviously do so overwhelmingly for the direct interaction with other peer Authors, even others who may disagree with them, than for any other reason. By that same token, those bloggers whose overriding interest is the SEO maximization of their unique content pursue that overwhelmingly instead of the off-the-beaten-path extra-Googlish social experience my little blog offers, and so I am highly unlikely to ever have one as an Author.



    Staff were very clear in this thread: original material is welcome. Duplicated material, no matter who wrote it, is not. It can put your blog at risk of suspension.



    Let’s cut through all this extranoeus blah, blah, blah. There is most assuredly duplicate content on your blog. Here’s just a single example:
    Angelique published this post Protect your Facebook account from hackers! on your blog and at the end of that post stated: Please post your questions and comments about this subject!
    [ Shortlink: ___ ] I removed the link because that’s a duplicate content post that was published elsewhere.

    I also note you have a page for authors that states:

    Authors are expected to contribute a post of any sort, original or mirrored, within the first seven (7) days of being installed in Alexandria and thereafter to contribute a minimum of one post, of any sort, original or mirrored, every thirty (30) days; however, a mere link alone to external material without a reasonable amount of substantiating elaboration or commentary in Alexandria, while more than welcome as whatever content it may provide, in all fairness to your fellow Authors cannot be counted toward these minimums just mentioned.

    So let’s please cut the guff and note what Staff ie macmanx has stated:

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