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    Hi, I’m considering to upgrade my plan using domain mapping till my existing domain is due next month. Subsequently, can it be transferred to WordPress and if there will be any charges as WordPress is giving 1 year free domain?



    Hi @weltronsg, I’m not positive I understood what you want to do, but let me see if this answers your question:

    As long as you upgrade to one of the paid plans —

    — you’ll get a free domain credit for the first year. You can use that to transfer the domain right away and you’ll have one year added to its existing expiration date. You could also map now and transfer later if you’d like, but you wouldn’t really need to. If it’s due next month and you were to transfer now, your next expiration date will be July 2021.

    I do want to clarify one thing though: when you transfer a domain to our servers, we’ll aim to renew the domain one month in advance, just to give us time to work out cancellation or other billing issues. So the domain would come up for renewal in June 2021, even though your expiration date would still be in July.

    Does that make sense?

    If I’ve misunderstood, send more details and we’ll help.



    Also, mapping with a paid plan is free, so that won’t use your domain credit. Only a transfer or new registration would.

    Hoping that helps!



    Hi @supernovia, thanks for the answers. To clarify, we have an existing domain now but as it’s going to be due next month, if we do domain mapping for a month and subsequently get the same domain from WordPress, would there be any lapse?

    Also, with the plan upgrade offering free 1 yr of domain/domain mapping, will the remaining 11 months be payable (since for eg. 1 month is used for domain mapping) ?




    Hi there,

    If you mean can you let the domain expire and then register it here, that is not a good idea. If you let your domain expire at the current provider it will take more than 80 days before the domain will become available again to register anywhere else, and even once it becomes available there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to register it again.

    If you have an existing domain you want to use here you have two options:

    1) You keep the domain registered at your current domain provider, and connect it here using domain mapping. You’ll pay your current provider to renew the domain each year, and you’ll pay us for a plan to connect the domain here.

    2) You transfer the domain registration to us. This is free for one domain, included in your plan. There is no need to wait until your domain expires before you do this – your domain will transfer to us with its current expiration date, so you won’t lose any time you’ve already paid for on the domain, and additionally it will renew for another year once the transfer completes. So you’d only need to renew the domain again next year.

    Also, with the plan upgrade offering free 1 yr of domain/domain mapping, will the remaining 11 months be payable (since for eg. 1 month is used for domain mapping) ?

    Buying a plan is a once-off payment for the full year, that renews annually.

    Included in your plan you can map as many domains that are registered elsewhere as you want, at no additional cost. Mapping a domain does not use up the free domain in your plan.

    Also included in the plan is one free domain registration or one free domain transfer. If you transfer a domain, it will also renew the domain for an additional year, as mentioned above.

    From the next year onwards you’ll renew the plan each year when the plan expires, and the domain will renew separately depending on its expiration date. Assuming you want to transfer a .com domain, the renewal cost for the domain will be $18 a year on top of the plan.



    Automatic renewal is enabled by default on all upgrades, though you have the option to disable that if you prefer.

    If you leave it enabled, we attempt to renew any upgrade 30 days before it expires, so the plan will renew 30 days before its expiration date, and the domain 30 days before its expiration, if the two are different.

    The actual expiration date doesn’t change, so if the renewal takes place 11 months into your plan term, the plan will be valid for 13 months after the renewal.

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