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    I am not a technical person really and wanted to understand that does wordpress secure our content? Or can anyone steal our blogs? I did read about plugins but there were various articles and I figured wordpress will have it’s own security features for personal blogs so that noone can copy the content. Can you please let me know if that is there? If not, what can be done?


    Any content that displays on the interweb can be copied. If you don’t want anyone to be able to get your words or images then keep your site set to private and just invite friends to view it.



    To stop people from coping content you need to install plugin. There is no any other way to do this.



    Which plugins in specific would be needed? I can see a whole long list on wordpress!



    Hi there,

    While there are plugins that can make it harder for people to steal your content, like plugins that disable the right-click menu in the browser when someone is on your site, there is no plugin that can prevent someone from stealing your content. It’s ridiculously easy to circumvent a disable-right-click plugin for anyone who knows how, so if you upgraded your site just to be able to use a plugin like that, you’ll just be wasting your money.

    At the end of the day, if your content is published on a public website, it can, and most likely will be stolen. Instead, make sure you have a clear copyright notice on your site, and if you publish original photos or drawings, watermark them and make them lower-resolution so they’re harder to re-use. These measures do much more to discourage content theft than any plugin you can install.

    When your content gets stolen, copyright law is on your side, and if the site stealing your content is hosted here on, so are we :)

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