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    How do I add to the <head> section of my website’s index.html file?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi daniellefashionhistorian,

    The title of your topic suggests that you are hoping to add Pinterest to your site, so let me see if I can help you out there.

    Can you please let me know how you are trying to connect Pinterest you your website? For example, are you trying to embed Pinterest content, or have a Pinterest share button show up on posts?



    Hey there! To second @piyopiyofox‘s answer, it also looks like you might be trying to verify your website with Pinterest.

    When you get to the section where it asks you to copy the tag and add it to your index.html, instead do the following.

    1. Make sure you copy the meta tag from Pinterest, which it sounds like you already have.
    2. On your WordPress site, go to My Sites -> Settings. On the top you will see a tab for “Traffic.” Select that.
    3. Scroll towards the bottom until you see a section for “Site Verification Services.” Paste the meta tag you copied from Pinterest into the box next to “Pinterest”.
    4. Save changes using the button next to “Site Verification Services.”
    5. Go back to and select “Finish.”

    That should do it! You can also check out our documentation for some more info if you need it:

    Hope this helps!




    I'd like to add a Pinterest share button to my posts. I am using the free version of WordPress


    Ok great! Please go to and click on “Edit Sharing Buttons”. You’ll then see a drop down of social media buttons you can add to your posts. Click on Pinterest and then save changes. This will add the Pinterest share buttons to your post! :)


    Awesome, thank you!


    You’re very welcome!

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