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    Hello. I hace access to this WP site ( via my email ( (email redacted) ). But, when I log in via this email to the WP site, this website does not show up. I can only access it through the URL. Could this site please be connected with my account? It is the same email.



    Hi there, is not a site, and don’t have any connection to any username account. That site is a stand-alone installation of the open source WordPress software, and is hosted on the Texas A&M University’s servers.

    To log into that site you need to go directly to (provided the default login page location hasn’t been changed), and use the unique login credentials that should have been provided for you when your user account was created on that site. If you don’t have those, please contact the IT department at the university directly.

    Your username account is something completely separate, and at the moment you don’t own any sites hosted with us as you only created this account yesterday.

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