Connect to Facebook (via /marketing/connections/) Results In an Error

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    I am trying to connect my Facebook page to my website and the new Connect feature under is not finishing the connection for some reason. It goes 99.9% through the process, but then fails out with a message, “An error occurred while connecting the account”.

    On Twitter, the Connect button went through just fine, but for Facebook, it goes through all the offsite connection process / dialog boxes yet returns an error. (No error code given, unfortunately.) It’s not a critical issue — I can still post URLs manually to Facebook, but it’s vexing me that this isn’t working and it does add an extra step to my process.


      1. Going to for my website (running WordPress 5.2.1)
      2. Hit the Connect button to get the “Log In With Facebook” popup.
      3. Hit the “Continue As” button for myself. (*Note that this is for my Facebook account; my organization only has a FB page rather than a dedicated account)
      4. Select the Page I want to use with WordPress from a series of Pages I manage, then hit Next.
      5. Leave “Yes” on “What is WordPress allowed to do?” for my FB Page and hit Done.
      6. Dialog box says it is “Linking to WordPress” Then it refreshes to say “You’ve now linked WordPress to Facebook”. (*This popup also has an optional link to “Business Integrations Settings”, which I also reviewed, though I don’t think I made any changes.) Hit Ok.
      7. The popup closes and, back in WordPress, it says “Connecting Facebook / Is this the account you’d like to connect? All your new blog posts will be automatically…” and then my Page is shown. I click Connect to finalize the process.
      8. WordPress displays an unclear error message, “An error occurred while connecting the account.” The “Connect” button remains greyed out, saying “Connecting”. It never connects. (If I refresh/return to marketing/connections, the “Connect” button is alive again and I can start the process all over, but same results.
      9. In the “Activity” log of this same page, I get an entry that reads, “admin / Disabled sharing to Facebook Setting changed”. (For the Twitter process, I got “admin / Enabled sharing to Twitter”, confirming the Connect action.) Weirdly, I don’t get an error code for the Facebook Connect failure, I get “Disabled” as if I chose to take it off.

      ERROR - Marketing Tools - Facebook Error

      So far, I can’t seem to track what would be the problem, and unfortunately, I get no Error Code for the failure, so I’m not sure what would help isolate the issue?

      I do have, on Facebook, an old “Post Service” sharing app that I used to use, which seems to be more or less active still. When I use the Facebook Debugger to check a post I have manually run on Facebook, I get an error message back, “Missing Properties / The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id”. I assume that’s either because Facebook Connect failed in WordPress or my old app_id is no longer registered from some WordPress update along the way.

      Also, I do use Jetpack, but others reporting issues don’t seem to have Jetpack getting in the way in this case, and also Jetpack is reporting a similar error as /marketing/connections/ (I’m assuming Jetpack just clamps onto many of WordPress’s standard settings anyway, maybe?)

      Any help tracking down the problem would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and for reading through or even skimming down to get this far in my wordy post…

      (*I searched the WordPress forums and I saw similar issues but not this one, apologies if this is a dupe problem…)

      The blog I need help with is



      I’m seeing the same thing, and it looks like others are too. This post was just updated for the issue:

      Hopefully we’ll have another update soon!


      I am successfully connected, so that’s good, thank you WordPress & Facebook!

      Dunno if my post helped too many people or have any answers, but please do visit the link Darciemg supplied about the issue as it looks like there are some people who are still having trouble with the function; there’s more info about the situation there:

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