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    I have a blog in development, currently set to private. A domain name for it was registered some time ago at Bluehost. Just the domain, not a site. I intend to do three things upon making the blog public: (1) connect the domain name to the blog, (2) purchase the WordPress Premium Plan, (3) purchase Google Apps at the same time.

    I’ll have to change the nameservers and MX records in Bluehost DNS. I did that recently for another site, but the domain name was purchased through Google at the time of buying G Apps.


    A. Is there a way to transfer the domain name registration from Bluehost to WordPress first? The owner — I’m just the new web admin — renewed the domain last month.

    B. Will there be any problem using Google Apps with this 3rd party domain registration (i.e., neither Google’s nor WordPress’) assuming the nameservers and MX records are set right?

    C. Am I missing anything needed to accomplish this?

    D. Any suggestions about the approach?

    Thank you!



    When I posted this, email support was shut down at the time. I guess I should have just waited for them to come back from the conference. From past experience in the forums, I didn’t think there would be no reply at all here.



    Hi @jnkllcweb, I’m sorry for the delayed response. The answers to each of your questions are below:

    A. We currently cannot accept incoming domain transfers, so you’ll need to keep the domain with Bluehost or another third-party domain registrar.

    However, you can still use the domain with by updating the name server values to the following:


    B. Since the domain is not registered with, we currently cannot manage your Google Apps account. However, you can purchase it directly from Google:

    If you plan to use’s name servers, you’ll need to add the Google Apps DNS records to your account. If you need any help, we can help you add those records.

    C./D. Once the domain settings are changed, it may take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to finalize. For that reason, we recommend updating the name servers well in advance of any deadlines.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.



    Thank you @kevmarsden for your thorough reply and tips. You reassured me that I was on the right course.

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