Complying with EU Cookie Law

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    In WP cookie policy we read:


    These cookies are used to display relevant advertising to visitors on sites. They track details about visitors such as the number of times particular ads have been displayed, the number of clicks they have received, and to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns by building up user profiles. These are set by trusted third party networks, and are generally persistent in nature.

    Here there’s just the problem with Eu cookie-law!!
    Now the question is:
    Do these type of cookies run if we choose NO-ADS premium too?



    No way to customize the widget with Chrome, use IE.
    A localized version of the cookie policy would be appreciated by the italian Guarantor.



    @rinnovamentolivorno @bertibruno – as was suggested in the forum sticky:

    If you have any questions or issues with this new widget, please start a new forum thread to let us know.

    You can do that here:

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