Comments won’t show if I reply directly to a thread

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    Since Sunday, January 26 (afternoon GMT), I have had problems posting on three sites.

    I was able to post comments on a particular thread on one of the sites during the first half of that day. Later in the afternoon, I submitted a new comment on the same thread. It did not post — however, the comment was assigned a number (see links below). My comment ended up in spam.

    My subsequent comments also ended up in spam, which the administrator released.

    The only way I can get my comments to post is by using the bell facility (upper right hand corner) to reply to someone who replied to a posted comment of mine.

    This has happened on three sites now since Sunday. I have been commenting on two of the sites regularly and commented once or twice on the third a few weeks ago.

    I have bookmarked links from January 29 which show examples of the problem. Here are two:

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity.

    If you need further information, please do not hesitate to let me know.


    Thanks for the examples. That is helpful. Looking at those it seems that you’re only able to reply to someone elses’ comment, not leave your own original comment. Is that right? I’ve taken a screen shot of how I see the comment. Take a look.

    Please let me know if clearing your browser cache makes any difference in the behavior:



    Sorry, I forgot to say that I cleared my cache on January 29 before attempting to comment on said sites that day, but it didn’t do any good.


    I had a look at the first comment you mentioned that got into Spam – I noticed that it contained three links to Twitter.
    The second comment appears correctly in the thread so I’m not sure if this one was also in Spam at first.

    I think the three links were what caused the first comment to get to Spam, could you confirm if you’ve added links to external pages to any of the other comments (comments on pages other



    Re the Twitter links, the chap who administers wqth allows ten URLs per comment.

    I didn’t add any external page links to my comments between Sunday and now.

    Interestingly, today — so far — I’ve been able to comment on wqth directly, including with external links.

    Same holds true for the two other WP sites I could not previously post on this week, although I did not try with external links on those as I generally just comment.


    Hmm, interesting. Okay, well as you continue to comment on the other sites, please let us know if this comes up again. If it continues, it may be that Akismet was inadvertently flagging your comments and we can check to verify that.




    Thanks very much, Darnell.

    If it happens again, should I create a new thread and keep this one bookmarked to provide background?


    If you can, post in this thread for sure – but the thread automatically locks after a while. If that happens, you can create a new thread and just reference this thread in the new post so that we can catch up on the everything that has been discussed before.




    Staff, please see this link. Many posters are having the same issue as Churchmouse. Many thanks for your time and help.



    Hi there,

    If you suspect your comments are going to spam on that site, please contact support at our spam filter provider, Akismet, directly for help:

    There’s an option on that contact form to indicate you’re contacting them about your own comments being filtered into spam.



    Thank you very much, kokkieh — greatly appreciated.



    You’re very welcome :)

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