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    Comments that i have written on other posts disappear as soon as i hit publish. Why is this happening?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi @respectmyfacility,

    It’s possible that the author of the posts you’re commenting on have to go through comment approval first before being displayed on the site.

    Read more about comment moderation here:


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    So these comments are meant to completely disappear after i’ve posted them? (so people can moderate/check/reply to comments?)


    That’s right. Basically, when you post a comment on a blog post where comment approval is enabled, your comment will sort of “wait in line” in the author’s inbox.

    When the author sees a comment waiting for approval, they can either approve or deny the comment, and if approved it will then be displayed on the site.


    Authors might opt to use comment approval in order to prevent spam and internet trolls. Some might just be using it as an added security measure.

    Additionally, you’ll know which sites don’t have comment approval enabled because your comment comment will automatically be displayed when you post it.


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    So where are my version of the comments stored? thanks again for the info, much appreciated!


    So where are my version of the comments stored? thanks again for the info, much appreciated!

    No problem!

    One way of checking your comments is to visit your wp-admin dashboard and clicking on the “Comments I’ve Made” tab.

    You can get to this part of your website by attaching “wp-admin” to your domain. So for your website, it would look like this:

    It’s important to note, the comments here are comments you’ve made across hosted sites only. Any comments made on sites not hosted by won’t be displayed here.

    Reference Document

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