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    Hello, I have a follower from Argentina that is saying that we are blocking her comments, do I need to do anything extra to have comments from another country other than the US?

    The blog I need help with is



    Firstly, are other visitors to your site able to post comments on your site?

    When she says that you seem to be “blocking her comments”, what does she mean by that? Is she saying that she can write a commit, and submit it, but that it doesn’t appear afterwards?

    Has she been able to comment previously or has she simply not been able to post a comment at all?

    Alternatively, is she saying that she can’t even see the comment section in the first place?

    If she can submit a comment, perhaps check your comment moderation settings. Here are a few support pages that address potential reasons for this:

    It’s also possible that there are Internet access restrictions of some sort that affect your visitor’s access to your site. If that’s the case, then this page might be useful: Bypassing Internet Restrictions.


    Hi, other people were able to comment on the blog, but as far as I know they are all in the US. She is not. The error that she is getting is “block as suspected bot” and she is not able to submit a comment at all. I’ve updated all my settings for people to be able to comment, but she is still receiving the same error.



    Hi there,

    Looks like you’re talking about your self-hosted blog You can try deactivating all your plugins and if the issue resolves, re-activate them one-by-one to find which one is causing it.

    Unfortunately, I can not provide any more help because your site is not hosted here at You can, however, ask over at the forums:

    Good luck!

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