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    Why can’t I comment on other people’s blogs using my wordpress signin? I write the comment but it stays in the publish box, and when I hit publish, it just keeps opening up the publish box again and again.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello, are you trying to leave a comment from within the Reader or directly on someone’s site?


    Hi Jennifer. Directly on their site, as a comment to a blog post. It has happened before, but this is the first time I’ve asked about it. Thanks for any help you can give me.



    Hi there,

    Can you please give me a link to a post where you tried to leave a comment?

    And can you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and see if that makes any difference?


    Hi kokkieh. The web address is

    I just this morning cleaned up the computer using CCleaner. Just tried to post again with no success.

    I can post using Google, but not my wordpress account. Thanks for your help. Pam


    Hi y’all. I finally got the post to publish. Had to go through a few steps to get it accepted, but it finally did. Not sure what was going on, but like I said, it’s done this before with no results. Thanks for any suggestions for the future, I appreciate your time and efforts. Pam



    Okay, that’s a Blogger site, not a site. Thanks to a service called OpenID you can use your login to comment on sites that are not using It does this via cookies stored in your browser, but those cookies can sometimes become corrupted and then OpenID doesn’t work correctly.

    What most likely happened is that the cookie in your browser reloaded when you did something, and the connection was fixed. Next time something like this happens, completely clear your browser cache and cookies, then log into and reconnect on the site where you’re trying to comment.


    Thanks kokkieh. I’ll remember that if it happens again. I’m grateful for your help. Pam

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