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    I’m facing this error when I try to comment on other’s blogs using my wordpress credentials – ‘OpenID Credentials Could Not Be Verified’.
    Adding these html lines from google solution documents did not help –
    <link href=’’ rel=’openid.server’/>
    <link href=’your-URL’ rel=’openid.delegate’/>

    Nor did these –
    <link rel=’openid2.provider’ href=’’ />
    <link rel=’openid2.local_id’ href=’URL to your Google Profile OR Google+’ />
    <link rel=’openid.server’ href=’’ />

    Request you to kindly help me with this. And please provide a step by step workable solution, at the earliest. I’m really struggling with this issue.

    The blog I need help with is



    The software is not recognizing your WordPress.COM identity. This is a very common issue.

    Crazymaking Blogger Comment Settings >

    re: Open ID see

    See also what Staff said here

    The bottom line is that the blogspot software expects your blog to be the same as your username ie. it expects your username to be linked to a wordpress.COM blog URL that exactly matches your username.

    When that isn’t the case the software will not allow you to link to any other URL in a comment. So the bloggers have to change their settings for comments for you to be able to comment as
    fyreryder and link that username to


    Thank you so much for the elaborate and much simpler guidelines!
    I changed my username to match my blog URL.

    now my username is bluesandcraft
    my blog url is

    but still no luck! I’m getting the same error! :(

    Your thoughts?

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