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    I would like to set up a two column page where I can list out services and pricing. I really like how this website has it setup The columns become bigger or smaller depending on screen size and device, while the formatting remains clean. You can see the periods between the services and prices get bigger or smaller, which helps it display nicely on different size screens. Does anyone know how this is being done? I have not been able to find any plugins that are able to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi there,

    What site do you need help with?

    I don’t see any sites in your account, only two stand-alone WordPress sites connected to this account via Jetpack.

    Those sites use the open source version of WordPress found on, so if you need help with either of those sites, please ask at instead.

    That said, how columns on a site behave is typically controlled by the theme – anything that has to do with responsiveness is built directly into the theme.

    The site you reference as an example is using the Astra theme, but I see they’re also using the Elementor plugin, which can itself make changes to site layout, so I suggest you contact support for Elementor and for Astra to ask how their products can be used to achieve this.

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