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    I wish to permanently close my account

    The site I need help with is It is not hosted by, but it is connected with Jetpack.



    Hi, no problem; we just need to get that site downgraded properly so you can delete it.

    Downgrading will remove any third party themes or plugins you’ve added. You may also lose other changes, and content you’ve made since adding then — and will definitely lose that if you delete the site.

    Can you confirm this is fine with you? If you need anything from the site, please export the site and media first:

    Please confirm with us here when you’re ready for us to downgrade. Thanks!



    Yes I am ok with that


    Thanks for confirming. I have removed the business plan features from your site, which was preventing you from closing your account.

    You can now follow the steps here to permanently close your account, which will remove your personal data from our service:

    Sorry to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck!

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