Clicking on View Site then Visit Site is logging me out

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    For the last week or so I’ve noticed that some links I click take me to a screen without the WordPress bar at the top (with My Sites, Reader etc on it), even though I am signed in when I click them. The view changes to the one you’d see if you were logged out: my gravatar vanishes along with the My Sites bar and if I try to reply to my comments, I am logged out and am asked to enter my details and do not see the edit button next to comments etc.

    An example is if I click ‘View Site’ in the admin section, then ‘Visit Site’. Clicking on the ‘Visit my Blog’ button also does the same.

    I think it is an intermittent fault, but I don’t know what triggers it. I am using Safari.

    It is also sometimes happening when I click on other people’s names or gravatars to open their sites on a new page. It definitely only happens sometimes, not always. It can happen consecutively (ie one click works and I am still signed in, but another doesn’t).

    As a test, I just viewed someone else’s post in The Reader and command clicked on the name of another blogger who had left a comment. I tried it with two different commenters. The first page opened and I was logged out. The second page opened and I was still logged in. I follow the first person, but not the second one, but I don’t think this is connected.

    This testing meant in the same browser session, I ended up with four tabs open and was logged in on two of them and logged out on two of them.

    I wanted to raise the issue and ask if anyone else has noticed this.

    The blog I need help with is:

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