Classic editor inaccessible?

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    I’ve been here on WP for over a dozen years and published over 18,000 posts, all using the classic editor. (I’m a minimalist and the classic editor is a perfect fit to microblogging.)

    Without access to the classic editor, my workflow (which involves batch-posting) is irreparably broken. Until now, I could post quickly and painlessly; now I can only post entries one at a time.

    Without the minimal editor, I won’t last the year; I spend the lion’s share of my free time researching and curating and I don’t have time to waste on fighting with WP’s always-new and always-worse posting editors. ‘Classic’ works; the rest are garbage.

    (I used to be able to access the classic editor via ‘add post’, but with WP 5, it seems WP’s taken that route away. This was why I don’t use the WP app to post; I can’t get the classic editor in it either.)

    I’ve looked at the screencast that supposedly tells one how to switch back to the classic editor but there are no three dots in the top right corner of my editor screen. Is there a fix for this (on-site or in-app) that actually works?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think I’ve found a cure and I hope it’s sticks. I’d looked at the ‘come see the new useless block editor’ link, said “no thanks”, and ended up in the older (non-classic) editor when I got back. (The classic editor was unavailable at that point via any route I tested.)

    After logging out and in again, I was still in the non-block, non-classic editor, but the classic one was now accessible via the ‘add post’ link (as it was before).

    I hope this small bit of sanity remains permanent; workflow is everything.

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