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    I have used classic editor for 2 years and then after working on my site for 3 hours today, it is no longer possible to work in classic editor – why? and is it possible to activate it?
    I do not like working in backend editor, so I can’t do any work on my site…
    So I really need your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    To restore the Classic Editor, follow the steps under “Will I still be able to use the old editor?” at

    We do recommend the new editor though, and we have some extensive documentation available at


    Thank you for your replay…

    I cannot install gutenberg, if that is the one you are recommending?


    I cannot install gutenberg, if that is the one you are recommending?

    You do not need to install any plugin, the Block Editor is part of our platform. You can read more about it at this page:


    Thank you:-)

    This is what I have:

    “Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg requires Block Editor
    . You can change your editor settings to Block Editor from here
    . Plugin is currently NOT RUNNING”

    And I have tried to follow the link…

    And I have look and nowhere can I see that block editor is accessible and active.


    This forum supplies support for sites hosted at such as
    If you’re actually working on a site hosted elsewhere you’ll need to register an account at the correct support forum:


    I have two sites at wordpress is active and this is not active

    I would not waste people’s time by asking a question in a forum where I have no conncetion to.

    I will try to look for help elsewhere.

    Have a great day…



    Hi there,

    Are you trying to install a plugin? If you do please note that plugin installation is only available on the Business and eCommerce plans.

    Other than that, if you want to switch to the Classic editor you can see how in the following screencast:


    Thanks for your help. The screen video you send, does not look like mine, and I can’t see the same functions…

    I updated wordpress and then I had no access to classic editor, so I really don’t know what to do…

    But thanks for trying:-)


    I updated wordpress

    That actually indicates that your site is not hosted here, as you wouldn’t be able to do it on The same about the video looking different.
    What’s the URL of the site you’re working on?


    I am not very good at this website thing…. sorry…



    Your site is not hosted with It is a site using the open-source WordPress software (from but hosted elsewhere.

    Because and are two entirely separate entities, we cannot access files or data for sites that are hosted elsewhere, so staff can only assist with sites that are hosted on our servers. You can find more information here about the differences between software and is a great resource for sites using the open source software, and you can find support for that at:

    With all that said, you can restore the Classic Editor on your site by installing and activating the Classic Editor plugin:

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