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    Hello. My domain is hosted through godaddy, however, when I have made site change in the past, I used to log in via WordPress (not godaddy) and make changes there. Now, my site does not appear when I log into WordPress. I can access and edit it via godaddy, however, For some reason I am unable to publish changes as both the Preview and Publish buttons no longer appear when I access it that way. All plug ins (and WordPress) have been updated. I tried deactivating plug ins to ensure that was not the problem but still no luck. I am not tech-savvy and I spent many hours on the phone with Godaddy support and then the representative was no longer on the line. Super frustrating as the wait for help was very long. Yes
    Correct account: Yes

    The blog I need help with is:



    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to access?


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    Apologies… I think I have this fixed for now! I have no idea what I did but not going to question it until it breaks again!

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