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    Dec 6th, i initiated a cancellation of your services. The name of my website was
    I received 2 emails verifying that the services for Domain Registration and website had been canceled at my request. The email notice for Domain Registar stated $0.00 refund. Note. I don’t remember what i paid for that ( Domain Registar). It was a small fee.
    Question: will i still be receiving a refund of $300 for the website and subscription, or does the above information about Domain Registar $0.00 refund apply to the website/ and subscription also? Thx



    Hi there,

    You did not pay anything for the domain, as it was included for free with your plan. You only paid us $300 for your Business Plan, and that amount was refunded in full when you cancelled your upgrades.

    You can view the receipts for both these transactions in your account’s billing history:

    You should receive the full refund in about 10 business days, depending on your bank’s processing times.

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