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    I didnt want to upgrade or launch the site but I was charged anyway. You’ve guys have done this before…. please stop.



    Hi rickydaniels1111

    I am tagging this post as ‘modlook’ for staff attention please wait for some time they will get back to you on this.

    Hope this helps.



    Hi there,

    Can you please let me know your site’s address so I can point you in the right direction of getting support?

    Please note that these forums are for hosted sites only. If your site is using the open source software you need to seek help at these forums:


    I do not have a website so I dont have a site address



    Hi @rickydaniels1111, sorry for the confusion. Our social media team mentioned you reached out there and sent a Transaction ID. I’ve used that to look up the charge, and it’s associated with / . The username is xdigigaiax.

    Does that sound at all familiar? If you’d like to cancel those domains (and any future payments on them) we can help you regain access to the xdigigaiax account. If this account was never authorized through you, please let us know.


    It does sound familiar. It hasnt been active in well over a year nor did I want to activate it. The website has been deleted and it is non existing.



    Thanks, I can see the sites still; the domain forwards to the other site if that makes sense.

    In order to cancel a domain we do need to hear from the domain’s owner, though. Are you able to log in as xdigigaiax, or do you need help recovering that account?

    If you can log in as that user, please update use here once you’ve switched accounts, and confirm you would like to cancel the domain, or or both. Thanks in advance.


    I would like to cancel both yes.


    Im having some trouble logging in as xdigigaiax,



    Thanks, we’ll reach out to you via email.

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