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    I’m having some trouble with CSS and was looking for some help. I want to change the font weight of titles in my primary sidebar (oxygen theme). I’ve tried:

    .wf-active .widgettitle {
    font-weight: 500;

    This changes the appearance in the preview, but once I save and visit the homepage, the formatting has disappeared. Any help would be great.

    Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is




    It seems the 500 is not available, I tried changing “500” to the word”bold” and it got a bit more heavy =) Would that be enough?



    Hi dianakcury,

    Thanks very much for the help. I tried changing it to “bold,” as you suggested. It’s a little better, but there is still a strange difference between the CSS preview and the published page. The final version looks washed out compared to the nice bold font I get in the CSS preview. Do you know if there’s another parameter I can change to get it to match the preview?

    Any help would be great.



    Hi there, in some instances what you see in the preview in the CSS pane in the Customizer may not match what you see on the actual site. The preview in the customizer is rendered by our software whereas when you visit your actual site, it is rendered by the browser. We are continually making adjustments to the Customizer preview rendering to get it as close to what you see on the actual site.

    I would try 600 and see if that changes things on your site. The other option is to select a different font weight at Customize > Fonts in the Heading section. Right now it is set to Extra Light. Try setting it to Regular, save and then visit your site to see how things look. This will also affect other headings as well, but it may be easier to make other headings less bold than to make the widget titles more bold.

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