Changing the spaces in between different paragraph lines

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    I may have not found a proper way to ask this but, my question is how to reduce the spaces between different types of lines. As in, lets say I have a blog post that has the title, the author, and a highlight of the post in two lines in a grid line up of posts. I want to reduce the space between those lines of title, author, and highlight of the post, if that makes sense. Thank you all loads.



    Hi there,

    These types of changes should be possible using CSS, but we’re not able to help you with that here.

    Your site at is connected to your account via the Jetpack plugin, which allows you to manage the site through your account with us, but the site is not hosted with us so we have no control over it, and as you still have it behind a Bluehost Coming Soon page, we can’t even see it.

    For help with CSS changes to your site, contact support for the specific theme you’re using directly. There should be a support link on the page where you bought or downloaded your theme.

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