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    I hope I’m posting in the right place —
    I’m trying to get ride of the infinite scrolling on my page. Is there a CSS option for this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey, no CSS needed for this. In your dashboard area go to Settings->Reading. Scroll down and you will find a “To infinity and beyond” check box option. Uncheck this, and the infinite scrolling should be disabled. :)



    Thank you, that does stop the infinite scrolling. Would there be any way to set up a next page/previous page sort of thing?


    There is a workaround that has been posted in the forums by some users to allow you to switch back to the previous/next links, however, note that this is indeed a workaround and if the feature CSS or HTML changes for any reason, you will need to re-adjust your CSS to adjust to that change.

    Here is an example workaround to hide the load more posts button in the Adelle theme and display “older posts” and “newer posts” buttons instead:

    #nav-below {
    	display: block !important;
    #infinite-handle span {
    	display: none;


    That infinite and load more is worst feature i have see. I really don’t know who will not be annoyed by browsing let say 10 pages and have long front page that is unreadable and a huge mess.

    And if each post have video in side you will be reported to Google for crushing my browser and if i was working on other browser something, like posting on forum or writing a long text that will be gone after your cool infinite and load more posts website destroyed my web browser you will for sure received bad flag from Google because i will take time just like i m taking time now to write a long and frustrating post about websites that are hurting users online. So next time you see Google flaged your site as dangerous you know why is that.

    So please turn that shit off by default and if there is someone who want to use it he can turn it on easy, but trust me nobody will use it after they read what i just write. Ok maybe it is good for some short text like short jokes or something like that…

    P.S. which theme have this thing turned off, i will switch to it ASAP.



    Cant edit my post but if someone is frustrated like me then you can stop be frustrated because i managed to find a theme that is not using this malicious code that destroy browsers.

    Fresh Bananas is the name of theme, it is good looking and for now it is good alternative.

    P.S. i searched almost whole portfolio to find this theme.


    @dadaas, sorry to hear you’re frustrated. We did a lot of work on the infinite scroll feature after it was first launched to address some of the concerns about it. Note that I’m not sure where you got your information about being reported to Google, but that shouldn’t happen. Also, we will continue to work on the scrolling to make it better and address some of the issues with loading (there are plans in the works for that), but the experience of infinite scrolling should be doing pretty well as it is and it is very popular in some circles. I understand that you are frustrated by it and I’ve noted your feedback.

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