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    As others have posted, the link to the base theme stylesheet is no longer available through the page, and having to search for it is tedious at best.

    The other changes under Preview box, such as:

    Preprocessor: None Edit
    Mode: Add-on Edit

    Mobile-compatible: No Edit
    Content Width: 584 px Edit

    Is there going to be some sort of explanation for them? Support pages for CSS don’t show these. “Content Width” and “Mobile Compliant” I can figure out, but the others… I don’t have any idea what they mean on WordPress, and the thought of clicking them to find out isn’t comforting. Am I editing MY edits, or ADDING on to the Base page, or…?

    Help, please!


    The blog I need help with is



    I hope this helps.
    I also tagged this thread for Staff attention.


    Thank you, timethief, that does help! :-)

    What I had saved on my computer turns out to be an older version, and things weren’t looking quite right. I’ve bookmarked this one!



    Glad to help and best wishes with your CSS editing.



    Hi there,

    You can read more about the edit CSS page here:

    This was recently updated to be as helpful as possible – and is always a priority for updating ASAP when changes are made, so if things start looking different to you, check this page out.



    Thank you – that page hadn’t been updated when I originally posted.

    It does help, however it doesn’t mention:

    Preprocessor: None Edit

    Any idea what that does?

    And will we be getting back the link to “view the original stylesheet” for the base theme on the Dashboard/CSS page? It was a great help.




    Hi again,

    I didn’t mean to totally ignore that part of your question – but I did. I apologize!

    So a CSS preprocessor is a dynamic stylesheet language (SASS and LESS). Basically, they’re an extension for CSS. If you are writing a bunch of CSS, you could use SASS or LESS to push updates as browsers introduce compatibility or new options become available, rather than digging through all your lines of CSS to find the applicable pieces of code.

    You can read more about them at their respective websites here:

    You can view the original stylesheet by clicking on “edit” next to “mode” and then you will see a link to pull up that stylesheet.

    Hope that helps!


    Also, here’s a recent CSS preprocessors announcement in case you’re interested in keeping tabs on new stuff going into the CSS Editor:

    I love that we keep adding new/cool stuff for you guys! :)

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