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    I have seen recent changes in Coraline layout. Searching this forum I found this thread at Staff Answers:
    There ‘macmanx’ said that the sidebar width in two columns layout is 450px. In Themes Showcase saids that it is 234px in two columns layout.
    In CSS sourse I see this:

    /* 2-column layouts */
    .two-column #container {
    	max-width: 770px;
    .two-column #content {
    	width: 64.99%;
    .two-column #primary,
    .two-column #secondary {
    	float: right;
    	width: 30.4%;

    Then, the sidebar width for two columns layout at maximum width is 234px.

    The theme was changed to flexible width an the maximum sidebar wide was changed from 299px to this 234px. Luckily the main column remains in 500px width, sigh!

    The blog I need help with is



    Macmanx’s reply is wrong: 450px is the width of the featured sidebar, not the primary one. See here:



    I was mistaken primary widget area in layouts 3&4 with pwa in layouts 1&2 when I consulted that post months ago. My old images for sidebar are 229px width (not “299”, new mistake!).

    And about fixed or flexible width sure I didn’t realize that is flexible before having problems with images re-size. With 500px width in main column it’s easy that I never have seen Coraline narrowed before.

    Thanks for your reply, ‘justpi’.

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