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    I’m putting together a travel/vacation blog and would like to show my posts in reverse chronological order.

    I have found this info that states to use the shortcode [display-posts order='ASC']. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work :-( source:

    More details:
    I’m using Apostrophe 2 theme
    I’m using the free version of
    I created a page called ‘Blog Posts’ and on the page, I added just the text ‘[display-posts order='asc']‘
    When I view the page I see the blog posts, but they are newest to oldest order. I want them in oldest to newest order.

    Thanks for your help!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    I have found this info that states to use the shortcode [display-posts order='ASC']

    Hi there,

    In the shortcode, please try replacing the apostrophes before and after ASC with quotation marks instead.


    [display-posts order="ASC"]

    If the issue persists, please post a link to the page where the shortcode is visible, and we can take a closer look.



    Thanks for the info.

    However… it did NOT work :-(

    Any other ideas???



    Please post a link to the page where the shortcode is visible.



    Here is the link for the test page.

    Here is a screenshot of the page in the editor

    Thanks for all your HELP!!!!

    Much appreciated.


    Excellent, thank you for posting the link. I can see what’s happening.

    The shortcode only really works on single pages or single posts. It’s not intended to be used on the blog index page.

    Do posts appear as you’d like them to if you click the link below?



    YES… It works perfectly.

    I found this last night & was my Plan B.

    I was hoping for Plan A :-)

    Thanks again for all your help!!



    YES… It works perfectly.

    You’re welcome, glad I could help :)

    The shortcode only works on a single page or post, like the contact page.

    To modify the order of the posts on the blog page set in Design → Customize → Homepage Settings → Posts Page, a query needs to be added to the page URL.

    The same method can be used if you’d like to change the order on category or tags pages too.

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