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    I searched for this in the help topics and found three, but none of them resolves my particular issue.

    At the bottom of each posts page there is a button that says “Older Posts.” That’s not so bad, but I’m using a plugin called Custom Post Type UI to create a separate set of posts pages, each for an interpreter in our interpreter directory, and I don’t want the button at the bottom of each page to say “Older Interpreters”! :-)

    Is there any way to just change the word older to more for both taxonomies? Or is there a way for me to change “Older Interpreters” to “More Interpreters” and leave “Older Posts” the way it is?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, I’m not seeing an “older interpreters” on your site. Can you give me a link? All I’m seeing is older posts right now.



    Thanks for the link. I believe this should do it for you. It was a bit challenging to find a body CSS class that would limit this to the interpreter pages, but I think I did it.

    .tax-states #infinite-handle button, .tax-states #infinite-handle button:hover {
    	color: transparent;
    .tax-states #infinite-handle button:before {
    	content: "More Interpreters";
    	color: #fff !important;
    	position: absolute;



    Brilliant! ¡Mil gracias!


    De nada. :)

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