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    What is the proper CSS coding for my site’s heading and body fonts globally? I don’t want to use the fonts readily available in the Customize tool.

    For all headings, I’d like to use:

    Font-Family: 'Ovo', Serif;
    Font-Size: 42px;

    For all body copy I’d like:

    Font-Family: 'Quattrocento Sans', Sans-Serif;
    Font-Size: 17px;

    I’d like to avoid having a third font family used anywhere on the site.

    This particular pairing comes from #25 on this website:


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @iambrettzeck, the site you mentioned isn’t hosted here, and there are actually different methods of doing this when you have your own copy of WordPress vs one hosted here with us:

    In your case, there are several font plugins that can help make it easier to find the right CSS and what not, so I’d recommend looking at

    For help with an individual WordPress installation you’re running with another host, you’ll want to use the correct forums going forward:




    I never said the site I linked, Reliable, was hosted by WordPress… nor was my question about that site. Obviously my blog is linked at the bottom of my post. Thanks for not actually reading my post.

    I don’t want to buy your plugins. Thanks for not being of help. I’ll look into the CSS myself. Useless.



    Changing fonts in the way you want is not possible on, as it cannot be done using CSS only. You cannot assign any font in CSS that has not first been imported to your site – setting a font that has not been imported to your site will result in that font only appearing for people who have it installed on their computers – and importing outside fonts like that is not possible on without the use of plugins on our Business Plan. The only options to switch your site font are those in the Customizer:

    Quattrocento Sans is available there, but not Ovo, so you’ll need to choose something different for your heading fonts.

    Also note that we don’t tolerate rude or disrespectful replies to any volunteer or staff member in this forum. Please review our user guidelines linked below if you wish to continue using this support forum for help with your site.

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