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    Our galleries are like [gallery link="file" etc etc]
    I used to have all [gallery] because I wanted gallery clicks to go to somewhere you can click ‘next’ instead of a dead end image.
    But now the carousel is added. That link becomes the ‘permalink’. The user is already able to click ‘next’ w/ the carousel. If they want to view the full size, what can they do?

    The permalink takes them to the attachment page. It probably shows the pic smaller than the carousel did. The user is already given up at this point, no use trying to point them to the 1234×483 link in tiny letters.

    So it makes more sense now to use
    [gallery link="file"]
    carousel ‘permalink’ links to the file. OK not really, but short of having a new link for full size that’s what’ll do.

    So how do we change 500 posts from [gallery] to [gallery link="file"]? To do manually how many clicks will it take? Surely there must be something smarter? This should be a per-blog setting anyway, unless you want your posts to be as inconsistent as possible.



    So. Impossible?



    Really, why is this so stupid? No usability testing was done at all?



    Hi. I see the topic hasn’t been responded by one of the volunteers. If you haven’t obtained an answer and if you still need assistance, I suggest you contact staff directly:



    Staff are no help, can’t be done apparently.

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