Change font in verse block.

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    The draft is fine; the preview is different and awful.



    Hi there,

    Are you speaking of

    The Verse block uses what is called a Monospace font. That is, a font where every letter takes up exactly the same space horizontally. This is done so that you can exactly control the spacing of individual lines in a poem you add with that block.

    Changing the font of your theme doesn’t affect that block. You can use custom CSS to force the block to use your theme’s primary font instead, but that would require the premium plan.



    I am speaking of

    The post can’t be viewed on a cell phone.

    The monospace font splits lines according only to character count, thereby splitting words randomly, i.e., not by syllable. The font is very thin and light, making it hard to read.

    How can I use a regular font, avoid the monospace font and yet have the form of verse? I would have been able to do it with the classic editor. This new one if for the birds. I have much less control with it.


    Hi there,

    I see what you are saying. It looks like you have switched back to the classic editor at the moment. Are you going to try to create the post using the classic editor to see if you can prevent the word splitting?

    As @kokkieh mentioned, this can be resolved with CSS, but that requires the Premium Plan. If you do decide to re-purchase the premium plan, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help with a snippet.




    I tried the classic editor, but that didn’t work either. I guess the only “solution” without upgrading is to have each line be a single block.



    Somewhat correct, yes. Word splitting in this case is part of the theme’s design, the designer just likes it that way I suppose. Some theme split words, some don’t, but either way it can be changed via Custom CSS.

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