Change domain and permanenly delete all posts

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    I created a WordPress page in the summer. I would like to change the page and delete all previous posts on it. How can I go about doing that

    The blog I need help with is



    If you go to My Site > Manage > Settings and scroll down to the end of the page there is an option to Delete your content, this will delete all content. If you want to save the page that you’re going to change then you might want to use the Follow the steps option, I think it explains about how to save files you want to keep.



    This site is not been created by me it was from earlier relationship withheld I need the pictures and address the entire content removed through sources created this webpage



    @sreeragnr, are you the same person as @dreamofreading? If not, please open your own support request at explaining what you need help with, including the URL of the site in question.

    If you are the same person, can you please provide the URL of the site in question?

    If you are neither the owner nor an admin on the site, you will not be able to remove any information from the site, nor delete the site or change the address, and we also cannot do any of those things at your request in that case.

    If the site is violating your privacy in some way you can report it to our terms of service department and they can review whether or not the site violates our rules regarding posting private information, but that is the only way content will be removed from any site at the request of a third party.

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