Chaging a single letter in my domain name

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    I’ve purchased a personal plan with WordPress and need to change the domain name web address and don’t know how. I need to change letter only.
    It is my named address i.e. and not that I need help with.
    In I need to change it to

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t think you can “change” it as the domain with the wrong spelling was created in January and is way past the refund window. You can buy the domain with the correct spelling however. I see this thread has been tagged for a staff member to respond.


    Good morning –

    I’m happy to help. Looking at the account I can see that was registered over 2 months ago. Because of that, the best way forward is to just register the correct domain as a new domain on the account.

    The refund window has passed for but you don’t have to renew it next year. Instead, just carry on with the correct domain at that point.

    To set up the correct domain go to My Sites – Domains – Add and try registering the correct one. I have things sorted so that this new domain is going to be included with your plan price. You shouldn’t have to pay anything extra at the check out phase.



    That has worked perfectly, thank you.

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