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    Hi All,

    Does anybody know how I could make a specific word to not be displayed in the search result from a page.

    Let’s say that several posts include the term “subway”. As soon as visitor types “subway” in the website widget search form, a result’s page displaying all posts including these posts will appear.

    I would like to make all the pages including the “subway” word TO NOT appear in the search result page.

    I do believe that using the search class name + something + display=none can work.




    Hi there,

    On what site are you working? The account you’re using to post here does not own any sites on

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software at another host, please ask for help at instead.

    CSS can only be used to target HTML elements, classes or IDs. It cannot be used to target a specific word on a page without the necessary identifiers being attached to that word in the HTML. But there should be plugins you can use to do this.



    Oh, I did not realize that was that different from ,, my bad probably.

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback, next time I’ll make sure to ask question or participate to topics other than the wordpress one in general, should be easier.

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