"Category Archives in twenty sixteen" Serious Headache

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    i have something like “Category: Russia”, “Tag: America”, in twenty sixteen theme

    I would like to remove the “Category:”, “Tag:” part alone and display the category and tag name only. Eg Russia instead of “Category: Russia”,

    please i need to accomplish this?, i need help on this.

    The blog I need help with is skyafrica24.com.


    That category and tag archive page titles are created by the software as a single string of text, so “tag:” and “category:” cannot be removed. The entire title, such as “Tag: Côte d’Ivoire” can be removed with the following custom CSS, however.

    .archive .page-title {
      display: none;



    Thank you for the reply, I appreciate


    You are welcome. Sorry I couldn’t fix that for you. At some point, the titles for the archive page types will have a span tag around one of the elements, which will allow us to hide Category and Tag in those page titles. I’m hoping that this change will be in the next major release of WordPress core.



    Alright sir, have a nice day

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