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    I have posted several posts with tags and categories selected. However, when I go to “Blogs About:” my post is not appearing.

    There are several Categories where I am the Featured Blog and in that Feature Blog window, my most recent post appears but it is not listed in the blogroll. And for those Categories that I am not the featured Blog, my posts are not appearing in the roll.

    An example of a Featured Blog Category is:

    An example of one where I am not is:

    With this post listed under ACE:

    Are there known issues or am I doing something wrong?

    The blog I need help with is:


    Better contact staff:

    And please let us know what they’ll reply.


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    <i>Better contact staff:</i>

    I did, but just a bit ago. I’ll letcha know what they say.

    However, I did notice the same symptoms as reported in the other funky problem regarding categories and tags. When I went to edit, all the tags had been dropped and the post was categorized as UNcategorized. I rebuilt the post and saved it, but no joy.



    Definitely staff will need to get involved then. Sounds very funky indeed.


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    Guys and gals,

    Staff has resolved the error.

    Thanks for taking time to check it out and guiding me to support for help.



    You’re welcome.

    When there’s a problem we volunteers can’t solve, learning more about it helps us help others in the future. So I would really appreciate it if you could tell us what the error was.


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    I would really appreciate it if you could tell us what the error was.

    Hi pana…..

    Support didn’t tell me. I’ll paste the entirety of their reply:

    Sorry for that error – the blog now works as it should.


    Thank you pino!

    (We weren’t enlightened, but that’s not your fault…)



    Can anyone answer this for me? If I create a post and use a tag of my own choosing that may not have been used by others yet (for the argument, let’s say my tag is “Inception”), is it a safe assumption then that if I go to I should see my post? Because that is clearly not the case, and I thought that’s how the “tag” pages were supposed to work. The only post that comes up is a random post from 2006 (This random post appears any time I try this method with Unique tags). The tag pages definitely don’t work for several of the tags I use.




    Sorry – I realized the Inception tag wasn’t a good example to use. A tag I actually used was “Black Swan”, and the question is more easily understood if you try going to swan.
    My post doesn’t appear even though I’ve used that tag a couple times now in different posts. Thanks!


    I see a lot of posts on your blog with too many tags. In general, anything more than a combined total (tags + categories) of 10 can get you left off the global tags pages.

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