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    I’m looking to revamp the buyer guide section of my site. Right now, it’s pretty basic and not easy to navigate. What I’ve been scouring the net for is a plug-in or support on how I an add custom fields, or a search area, or drop down menus so that I can make this more dynamic. Ideally, the Buyer Guide is a place where people can go and view what cars are available in my region (Middle East). They can either search by manufacturer or by country.

    What I really want is something like this:

    thanks in advance,

    PS – Not the most advanced person here, so please be kind

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    This is the support forum for our free sites (which do not have the ability to add plugins) so we are not the best place to answer this question. However, your Business Plan upgrade includes priority live chat support that you can access 24 hours a day (except major holidays) with our Business Site support team.

    With this in mind you are encouraged to reach out to us here, and we can take a closer look at your issue in realtime. No need to wait for a reply in the forums:

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