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    i cropped down an image and selected it to be aligned center. the caption is also aligned center but when I hit preview they are not both aligned together in the center. not sure why but this happens kind of often.

    it’s not published yet, so not sure if you can see the post with this link:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, I’m seeing several center-aligned captions and images there. Do you still need help?


    it’s the third photo (off white top and black skirt) that’s not aligned with the caption in the center. I’m using a Mac so i’m not sure if that’s making a difference.

    also the first picture on this post isn’t aligned:


    Hi there,

    Everything looks to be aligned on my end using Chrome Browser:

    Are you not seeing the above on your end?


    thank you! it appears to be the firefox browser on my Mac. It’s aligned on chrome and safari


    It may be worth double checking that the Firefox browser version is current. Going to will tell you that. Also, disable any extensions in that browser to see if it makes a difference at all.


    i will look into that, thank you!



    Noting this was happening in my current FireFox on mac. It could be related to a bug in Firefox’s “table-caption” support. Can you try adding this to your CSS to see if it helps? I wasn’t able to test it fully, but preliminary tests look like it may do the trick.

    .wp-block-image .aligncenter > figcaption {
        display: block;

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