Can't Verify Email Address for my WordPress-Frustrated

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    I am trying to transfer my domain, however WordPress is telling me that I need to verify my email first. I have checked all of my email folders including spam and I have not received a link to verify. I have clicked the resend button several times as well and I’m still not receiving the verification email to verify my email address.

    Is there a mod/staff that can help with that verification step. I’d appreciate the help so I’m not stuck in this step and can finally move forward.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi arianaijad,

    I checked your website It says it is hosted on SiteGround and not with us on You are using the open source WordPress software found on

    We’re able to help only with websites hosted on

    To clear up any confusion, there are 2 versions of WordPress. is a managed environment different from using the open source WordPress installation. and are two, different entities:

    I recommend you contacting your host SiteGround support for the email verification issue.



    Hi there,

    You made a change to your domain’s contact information on 21 June, and you have not verified that change yet via the emails our domain provider sent to both your old and new domain contact emails. That email will come from the address sales[at]

    Please check your spam folder as well as the Social and Updates tabs in Gmail for that email. Also try searching Gmail directly for that email address. If you can’t find it, let me know.


    A domain can be registered with one provider, and hosted with another provider. The OP clearly said they’re trying to transfer their domain away from us, so it’s a reasonable assumption that their site is also hosted somewhere else. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re their domain provider, and only we can help them with this.

    When checking Whois for a domain, check the registrar field as well as the name servers.




    Yeah the only reason I attempted to change the contact information was because my original email (the same one I’m continuing to have trouble with) wasn’t receiving verification/confirmation emails. What’s weird is that the one I changed it to received it but to confirm the contact change WordPress is asking me to verify it from both emails. Therefor I can’t update the contact information because it won’t send to both emails unfortunately.

    I’ve checked my spam folder, my social and updates too as well. To no avail.

    I can’t transfer my website without verifying my email address. This simple small step is really preventing me from so much. I’ve posted 2 screenshots below to help visually.
    (here is where wordpress is urging me to verify my email address *personal information is blocked out)
    (and I get this message, “You must verify your email address before you can transfer this domain.” when I try to attempt to transfer to a new host)

    Is there a way you can manually send a verification email? Not too sure how that works or if that’s possible.



    Hi there,

    Can you please let me know the email address that you would like to use so that we don’t make a mistake when we contact our domain provider?

    Your email address will only be visible to me and other staff members only, so feel free to post it here.




    Hi @fstat,

    Yes, the email I would like to use is: (email redacted)




    We’ve resent the verification email to that address. Please try searching for it again as I explained above if you don’t see it in your inbox.



    Hi @kokkieh, thanks for the reply

    I haven’t received the verification email to (email redacted), however I think I’m going to just try using (email redacted). I was able to successfully update my contact info to that email as well. I feel like that email will be more successful in receiving wordpress verification emails instead of the original email posted in my previous message.

    It’s worth a try at least, can you try sending the verification email to
    (email redacted)?

    Thanks again for your patience and help by the way, I really appreciate it.


    I’m seeing the new confirmation was sent out and that you have confirmed it. Are you all set on that now?

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