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    I am receiving the following error when I try to subscribe to email notifications for any website:

    “Because there are many pending subscriptions for this email address, we have blocked the subscription. Please activate or delete pending subscriptions before attempting to subscribe.”

    I use gmail and I check the tabs and spam daily and do not get pending notifications for blogs I didnt sign up for or anything like that. I only had 2 and I was trying to add a 3rd.

    I tried removing the two existing ones I subscribed to several years ago, then tried to resubscribe, but i’ve lost the ability to subscribe back to them as well, receiving the same error as above.

    I also tried creating a wordpress account thinking it was some bug that creating an account around my email address would solve, no luck there either.

    My subscriptions “sites” page looks like this:
    My subscriptions “setting” page looks like this:

    Please help and Thanks!


    Oddly enough, if I share a post from a wordpress site (ive done it on 3 sites now), open the email then immediately click “Manage Subscriptions” it shows i am now following those sites with immediate email delivery. I may have found a work around, but its too soon to tell until I start seeing emails from these sites blogs.

    The core issue where I get that error if I try to subscribe by typing in an email on a wordpress site isnt resolved (tried it on the 3rd site before I added it via the unconfirmed workaround).



    Hi there,

    Can you please give the email address that you’re trying to use to subscribe? Type it on its own line, and it will automatically be hidden from public view, but staff will be able to see it.



    Also please provide the address of a site or two where you’ve tried to subscribe and are unable to.


    Thanks for your help.

    Here is the information requested:

    (email redacted)


    I removed those two sites from my subscriptions so you could test. The remaining subscription i am subscribed to I did confirm I am receiving emails again for that one, so the “workaround” works at least.


    Thank you for that information. By any chance, have you tried to follow those from a different browser? Let me know if that works.


    Looks like the error is either related to or due to the use of a privacy VPN. Same browser with VPN on gives that error, same browser with VPN off gives a positive/confirmative message (I then receive an email to opt-in as expected). Marking this as resolved.



    Hi there,

    I’m happy you figured this out. Please let us know if you need help with anything else.

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