Can't retrieve login password – no longer have access to old email account

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    Wondering if you can help…I’ve tried using the WordPress account recovery form but it won’t recognise my receipt/transaction ID from PayPal.

    I no longer have access to my registered email account that my blog was created with (was a previous job’s email account), so I can’t reset my password.

    I’ve created an account with my personal email now, but can’t seem to get access to anything on my old work account, even though I have proof of purchase via PayPal.

    Any help very much appreciated.


    Hey there,
    What is the URL of the blog you need help with?



    I have the same issue.
    I want to delete an old blog but I am unable to do so because I cannot log in because the associated email address was provided by an ISP that no longer exists.
    I want to take the old blog down.



    The URL of the blog I need help with is:



    And yes, I have been in touch with WordPress several years ago to try to recover control of the blog – but they advised me there was nothing they could do. I am hoping something might have changed since then.


    @beaconblog – Hey, I would advise you to please start a new thread for your queries, as this thread belongs to @russclarke01. However, since your query seems similar, I will tag this thread, so that the Staff can assist you better. As volunteers, we can’t provide assistance with account and domain related queries. Tagging it for the Support team is all we can do.

    Please start a new thread next time if you need any assistance. It is beneficial for you also.

    Warmly :)

    @russclarke01 – Please provide your URL also. The Support team can help you better then.



    Hi @irahulverma my blog is

    Any help very much appreciated.


    @russclarke01 – Thanks for mentioning :) Thread is already tagged. The Support team will look into the matter at their end.




    I’ve sent you an email. Please reply there with the transaction ID and I can help you from there.


    Please start your own thread as requested above. However, we won’t be able to help you if you don’t have access to one of the forms of verification required by our account recovery form.



    @kokkieh@beaconblog has posted the same query in a new thread. However, as you mentioned, they have to fulfil the process.
    Here is the link:



    Thanks, I’ve just replied to their thread :)



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